Ferdinan Del Mundo¬†As a young Christian I thought being saved alone is enough. Just going to church will be fine at least nagsisimba. That was my mindset then. But I was wrong. When I enrolled to CLDP, I found out that I miss a lot especially when it comes to my character as a Christian (which serves as testimony of our faith to other people) and being a Christian you must be equipped with GOD’s wisdom and Christ-likeness character. A Christian that is not fully equipped is like a soldier in the battlefield that let himself be defeated by the enemy. I believe that CLDP is one way of developing our armor to fight against the enemy of this world. It is not a mere knowledge that we learn in any school but I consider it as a wisdom from GOD to keep his people equipped in every battle that we face on this earth. Because CLDP will let you evaluate your Christian life and mold your character in accordance with what GOD has created you for a purpose.

This is why I am so eager to finish the CLDP despite that fact that I am in the active military service and have busy schedule I keep on trying to finish my CLDP courses. For informationn of everybody, I am now in CLDP 3 but it took me two (2) years to get into it because I took up my CLDP 1 twice and my CLDP 2 twice and this coming february when I enroll in the CLDP 3 it will be my second time. I am not encouraging you to take the CLDP for two (2) years just like me but I challenge you to try and gauge yourself, where are you now in your GOD’s calling or where are you now in your walk of faith as a Christian…? I will not stop until I finish CLDP not because it is the requirement of the church but simply because I want to know my GOD deeper and walk with Him in this life’s journey.

The time that you will give to GOD will not be wasted. Today, I stand before you to testify and encourage everybody to enroll in CLDP.

To GOD be the Glory!!!

– Ferdinand Del Mundo
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